Finding Jobs

This page lists some mailing lists where jobs are posted and some organizations with large analytics teams.

Sites and Mailing Lists

  • Progressive Data Jobs aggregates job postings related to data, analytics, and technology. (Full disclosure: I maintain this site along with Lena Tom)
  • NOI Jobs and Jobs That Are Left aggregate progressive jobs generally, so only a small subset will be related to analytics.

List of Organizations (Alphabetical)

In addition to the organizations listed below, you can assume that large campaigns (Presidential, maybe statewide but unlikely) will have their own analytics shops.

Analytics-Focused Organizations

  • AFL-CIO Analytics Team
  • Analyst Institute
  • 605 (formerly Analytics Media Group)
  • BlueLabs
  • Catalist Analytics Team
  • Civis Analytics
  • Clarity Campaign Labs
  • DNC Data Science Team
  • HaystaqDNA
  • Minerva Insights

Organizations that Do Analytics

  • 270 Strategies
  • America Votes
  • Catalist (Non-Analytics Team)
  • Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee
  • Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee
  • Democratic Governor’s Association
  • EMILY’s List
  • League of Conservation Voters
  • National Education Association
  • State Voices
  • Precision Strategies
  • Voter Participation Center
  • Working America
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